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  • 0% Formaldehyde
  • 0% Aldehyde
  • 0% Chemical Off-gases

Zero Down Time – Wash immediately after treatment!

Nanokeratin System Laboratories have developed and formulated unique innovative series Inspired by Nature and based on pioneering Biomimetic technologies – means studying natural hair process and understanding how natural healthy hair acts so we can provide damaged hair the tools and conditions for it to heal by itself from the inside in order to retrieve back the natural healthy state.

Nanokeratin System’s Biomimetic particles perform Enzyme alike affinity to hair structure which means they generate processes, as biological Enzyme does, in order to stimulate and enable inner self-recuperation by damaged hair.

An advanced innovative series for a safe Bond Reformation Soft Smoothing and Complete Smoothing (Straightening), with 0% Formaldehyde and Aldehyde and releasing no chemical off-gases, based on pioneering patented Molecular Biomimetic technologies;

MNSP2646 – Hair Soft Smoothing and Complete Smoothing (Straightening)

  • Safe Soft and Complete Smoothing (Straightening) based on cross-linking and creating all hair bonds as Di-Sulphide (Sulphur) & Van Der Waals as well as restructuring them to a straight formation for a smooth and straight hair.
  • Constructing an inner foundation.
  • Constructing outer foundation.

MLRP4882 – Intensification of Natural Shine and Colour Vibrancy

  • Detangling and reducing friction between hair strands for freedom of movement.
  • Attaching to pigments, particles act as receptors reflecting vivid light beams and intensifying natural shine and color vibrancy.

MFCP8464 – Taming and Controlling Frizzed Unruly Hair

  • Forming outer layer to insulate hair fiber against damaging environmental sources such as humidity, salt water, and UV Rays, providing anti-dryness protection under heat and making it elastic.
  • Forming a solid inner layer to seat natural nourishing nutrients inside hair fiber enabling enhanced inner fluent nourishment from roots to tips.
  • Knitting hair fiber back to its hydrophobic state, implementing Lotus Effect of minimizing water and dirt adhesion.

MGRP6864 – Hair Growth Encouraging

  • Actively pulsating scalp for enhanced blood flow.
  • Encouraging hair growth, allowing hair to grow longer.
  • 3-5 cm hair growth per month.